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20 schilling AUSTRIA (1990-1993) Tower of St. Martin in Bregenz

20 schilling 1990-1993 Bregenz - Austrian coins Edge of 20 schilling 1990-1993 Bregenz - Austrian coins
20 schilling 1990-1993 Bregenz - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
27.7 mm 8.0 g 1.9 mm Cu92Al6Ni2
in the coin centre inside a square with rounded corners in two lines face value: 20 / SCHILLING; below year of issue divided by a shield in colours of Austrian flag; along the top edge: REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH (Republic of Austria)
in the coin centre the tower of St. Martin; on the left Coat of Arms of Austrian state Vorarlberg's; along the top edge: MARTINSTURM IN BREGENZ (tower of St. Martin in Bregenz); along the bottom edge: VORARLBERG
plain with nineteen concave disks (in years 1990-1992) / plain (in 1993)
issue date:
22 V 1990
withdrawal date:
28 II 2002
Kurt Bodlak, Herbert Wähner (signature WÄHNER above VORARLBERG on the reverse)
Münze Österreich (Austrian Mint), Vienna
1990 250 000
1991 100 000
1992 100 000
1993 180 000
interesting facts:
Entire year 1993 was struck with a plain edge.

Bregenz - Austrian town at Lake Constance, the capital of Austrian state Vorarlberg. Below a photo of Martinsturm (the tower of St. Martin) and Vorarlberg's Coat of Arms.

T of St. Martin and Vorarlberg's Coat of Arms.
photo: Andreas Praefcke
last update: 7 X 2012

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