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BULGARIA Republic (1993-1999) - Bulgarian lev [BGL]

1 lev = 100 stotinki

After communism had collapsed Bulgaria announced free elections in June 1990 and a year later proclaimed a new constitution. The name of the country changed into Република България (Republic of Bulgaria). On July 1, 1993 new coins were introduced on which the new name was placed. The communistic Coat of Arms was replaced by 8th-century reliefs presenting lions. The lion from a sandstone tile found in Stara Zagora was depicted on stotinki coins, whereas the lion killed by a spear of the "Madara rider" was depicted on coins of higher face value. In 1997 Bulgarian lev [BGL] was pegged with German mark [DEM] in a rounded ratio of 1000 BGL : 1 DEM. In the same year coins with higher face value were issued and their size was decreased.

last update: 14 X 2012

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