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BULGARIA People's Republic (1962-1993) - Bulgarian lev [BGL]

1 lev = 100 stotinki

On January 1, 1962 a denomination of Bulgarian lev was executed. The new lev [BGL] was exchanged for 10 old leva [BGM] and pegged with American dollar [USD] in ratio 1.17 BGL : 1 USD. A few circulating coins BGM were exchanged in ratio 1:1 for the new lev. In 1971 Bulgarian Coat of Arms was updated (for the fourth time since 1944). The date in the ribbon (9 IX 1944) was replaced with two other dates (681-1944). They were supposed to highlight two most important events in Bulgarian history - establishing of Bulgaria (681) and establishing People's Republic of Bulgaria (1944). The new Coat of Arms appeared on circulation coins in 1974. In 1981 Bulgarians were celebrating 1300 years of their country. To commemorate this fact an inscription "1300 years of Bulgaria" was depicted on circulation coin obverses.

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