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2 rubli BELARUS (from 2016)

2 rubli from 2016 - coins of Belarus
2 rubli from 2016 - coins of Belarus
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
23.5 mm 5.81 g 2.0 mm steel brass-plated / steel CuNi-plated
in the coin centre Coat of Arms of Belarus; along the top edge: БЕЛАРУСЬ (Belarus); along the bottom edge year of issue 2009; along the left and right edges Belarusian ornaments
in the coin centre face value: 2; on the left side diagonally upwards: РУБЛІ (rubli); on the left and right sides Belarusian ornaments
plain with concave inscription: + БЕЛАРУСЬ + БЕЛАРУСЬ + БЕЛАРУСЬ (Belarus repeated three times)
issue date:
1 VII 2016
withdrawal date:
still in circulation
Святлана Някрасава
(Svyatlana Nyakrasava)
Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla (The Lithuanian Mint), Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 ???
interesting facts:
Belarusian coins were produced with the date 2009 because they were prepared for the monetary reform aimed that year. Eventually, the ruble [BYR] was only devalued in 2009 and the National Bank started waiting for a better economic situation. In the meantime, it was decided that a two-ruble coins would be also needed and such were ordered back-dated to 2009 as the previous types. The coins were finally issued in 2016 as the Belarusian ruble coins [BYN]. They were the first circulation coins of independent Belarus in its history.
last update: 11 III 2017

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