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20 kroner DENMARK (2007) Ships - Frigate Jylland

20 kroner 2007 Ships - Frigate Jylland - coins of Denmark
20 kroner 2007 Ships - Frigate Jylland - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
27.0 mm 9.3 g 2.35 mm Cu92Al6Ni2
in the coin centre inside a ring head of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark facing right; along the bottom edge year of issue: 2007; along the top edge: MARGRETHE II DANMARKS DRONNING (Margrethe II Queen of Denmark)
in the centre Frigate Jylland on the waves sailing left; along the top edge: FREGATTEN JYLLAND (Frigate Jylland); along the bottom edge face value: 20 KRONER
seven plain and seven reeded sections
issue date:
10 IX 2007
withdrawal date:
still circulating
Mogens Møller, Hans Pauli Olsen
The Royal Mint mint mark Den Kongelige Mønt (The Royal Mint), Copenhagen (mint mark before DANMARKS on the obverse)
2007 1 200 000
interesting facts:
Frigate "Jylland" ("Jutland") was launched in 1860 as the last of the Danish steam-powered wooden ships with sails. Ship with a displacement tonnage of nearly 2500 tons was armed with more than 40 cannons and manned by more than a 400-man crew. During her 30-year service she took part in the Danish War in 1864 and later had only representative functions. After the active service she was used firstly as barracks and in 1908 she became a part of the museum exhibition in Aarhus. Today she is in a dry dock in Ebeltoft Museum as world's longest (94 m) of the preserved wooden ships.

Frigate Jylland
photo: archive of Orlogsmuseet
last update: 23 II 2013

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