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2 euro cent ESTONIA (from 2011)

2 euro cent from 2011 - Estonian coins
2 euro cent from 2011 - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
18.75 mm 3.06 g 1.67 mm steel Cu-plated
in the coin centre a concave contour map of Estonia; below with concave lettering: EESTI (Estonia); below the map with concave digits year of issue; at the edge a ring of twelve five-pointed stars - symbol of the European Union
left from the centre face value 2, on the top right in two lines: EURO / CENT; below the globe with a view to Europe; in the background diagonally six parallel lines ending on both sides with five-pointed stars (the reverse is common for all euro coins)
plain with a groove in the middle
issue date:
1 I 2011
withdrawal date:
still in circulation
Lembit Lõhmus, Luc Luycx (initials LL right from the globe on the reverse)
Suomen Rahapaja Oy (Mint of Finland), Vantaa, Finland (year 2011)

Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (Royal Dutch Mint), Utrecht, Netherlands (year 2012)

Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla (The Lithuanian Mint), Vilnius, Lithuania (year 2015)
2011 30 000 000 + 50 000 in boxed annual sets
2012 25 000 000
2015 17 000 000
last update: 14 VII 2015

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