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1 kroon ESTONIA (2008) 90 Years of Estonian Independence

1 kroon 2008 - 90 Years of Estonian Independence - Estonian coins
1 kroon 2008 - 90 Years of Estonian Independence - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
23.25 mm 5.0 g 1.75 mm Cu89Al5Zn5Sn1
in the coin centre Estonian Coat of Arms divides the year of issue 2008
in the coin centre symbol "Birth" inside a disk; below face value: 1 KROON; along the top edge: • EESTI VABARIIK • (Republic of Estonia)
three plain and three reeded sections
issue date:
9 VI 2008
withdrawal date:
15 I 2011
A. Raud, A. Mölder, Jaan Meristo
Staatliche Münze Berlin (The State Mint Berlin), Berlin, Germany
2008 20 000 000
interesting facts:
The commemorative coin of 1 kroon from 2008 was struck to commemorate the 90th anniversary of announcing Estonian independence. A competition for the logo design of commemorative festivities was won by Velvet design agency. The proposed design was named "Birth". The symbol was used on all materials promoting the 90th anniversary of Estonia.
last update: 3 VIII 2013

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