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1 penni FINLAND (1963-1969)

1 penni 1963-1969 - coins of Finland
1 penni 1963-1969 - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
15.8 mm 1.6 g 1.15 mm Cu
in the coin centre four interlinked loops (St. John cross); along the top edge: • SUOMEN TASAVALTA • (Republic of Finland in Finnish); along the bottom edge year of issue
in the coin centre large face value: 1; along the bottom edge: PENNI; on each of the side a symbol of tied hands
issue date:
1 I 1963
withdrawal date:
1 I 1994
Peippo Uolevi Helle
Ленинградский монетный двор (The Leningrad Mint), Leningrad, USSR (year 1963);

Rahapaja Oy (The Mint), Vantaa (in years 1963-1969)
1963 108 870 000 Leningrad
1963 62 463 000 Vantaa
1964 49 300 000 Vantaa
1965 43 112 000 Vantaa
1966 36 880 000 Vantaa
1967 62 792 000 Vantaa
1968 73 416 000 Vantaa
1969 51 748 000 Vantaa
1963 - coins of this year were produced both in Finland and in the Soviet Union, but coins minted in these mints are indistinguishable. Catalogue of Schoen & Schoen says that the square-shaped cross-section of the edge is characteristic for the Finnish production, while the edge cross-section of a circle (so rounded) is produced by the Soviets.
interesting facts:
The four interlinked loops shown on the coin obverse called the arms or the cross of St. John, sometimes the Bowen node. This symbol is probably a magical Viking sign, which symbolizes strength and prosperity. Finns perceive it as a symbol of happiness and have painted it for hundreds of years on the house doors and tools. It seems that the interpretation of the sign as infinity and eternity is equally correct. Today, in the countries of northern Europe, it is a sign indicating the important monument of culture.

The grave stone from Havor near Hablingo (Gotland) dated to AD 400-600.

Grave stone from Havor
photo: Raymond Hejdström
last update: 12 VIII 2013

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