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10 markkaa FINLAND (1999) Presidency of Finland in the EU Council

10 markkaa 1999 Presidency of Finland in the EU Council - coins of Finland 10 markkaa 1999 - edge
10 markkaa 1999 Presidency of Finland in the EU Council - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
27.25 mm 8.8 g 2.0 mm Cu75Ni25 / Cu93Al5Ni2
on the left side of coin a face of a woman facing left, whose breath turns into a flame; along the top edge: SUOMI 1999 (in Finnish Finland and year of issue); along the bottom edge: FINLAND (in Swedish Finland) EU (EUROOPAN UNIONI in Finnish or EUROPEISKA UNIONEN in Swedish - European Union)
in the coin centre large face value: 10 (markkaa); on the left branches and fruits of a rowan (Sorbus aucuparia); along the right edge: MARKKAA MARK (markkaa in Finnish and Swedish)
plain with concave inscription: - PUHEENJOHTAJA - ORDFÖRANDE - SAGADOALLI (president / leader in Finnish, Swedish and Sami)
issue date:
1 VII 1999
withdrawal date:
28 II 2002
Jarkko Roth (initial R among woman's hair after FINLAND on the obverse), Antti Neuvonen
Rahapaja Oy (The Mint), Vantaa (among leaves above the letter 'M' in MARKKAA on the reverse initial M of the mint director Makkonen)
1999 100 000 M
mint marks:
On Finnish coins produced after 1945 the following initials of directors of the Finnish Mint can be found:

S - Isak Gustaf Sundell (in years 1912 - 1947)
L - Vesa Uolevi Liuhto (1948)
H - Peippo Uolevi Helle (1948 - 1958)
S - Allan Alarik Soiniemi (1958 - 1975)
K - Timo Kauko Koivuranta (1976 - 1983)
N - Reino Tapio Nevalainen (1983 - 1987)
M - Reino Tapio Makkonen (1987 - 2006)
interesting facts:
The Presidency of the EU Council is a six-month period of leading the Council of the European Union and representing the Union abroad. This commemorative Finnish coin of 10 markkaa was struck to commemorate the presidency of Finland in the second half of year 1999.
last update: 12 VIII 2013

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