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1 litas LITHUANIA (2004) Vilnius University

1 litas 2004 Vilnius University - Lithuanian coins
1 litas 2004 Vilnius University - coins of Lithuania
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
22.3 mm 6.25 g 2.2 mm Cu72Ni25
in the centre Coat of Arms (Vytis) by Arvydas Každailis surrounded by a laurel wreath, along the top edge: LIETUVA (Lithuania), along the bottom edge face value: 1 LITAS
simplified view to the Courtyard of Vilnius University with a facade of St. John Church in the centre surrounded by a convex circle; on the right vertically issue date: 2004; along the edge: VILNIAUS UNIVERSITETAS (University of Vilnius) separated by a bell-tower; below, along the edge: 425
five reeded and five plain sections
issue date:
20 IV 2004
withdrawal date:
15 I 2015
Rytas Jonas Belevičius
Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla (The Lithuanian Mint), Vilnius
2004 200 000
interesting facts:
Vilnius University celebrated its 425 years of foundation. It was established in 1579 by King of Poland and Great Duke of Lithuania Steponas Batoras (in Polish Stefan Batory). For a long time it was the only academic level institution in Great Dukedom of Lithuania. Initially all the lectures (philosophy, theology and the law) were given in Latin and only after the epoch of the Reformation, lectures in Lithuanian and Polish were introduced. It was shut down on several occasions due to political and nationalistic reasons, it was loosing belongings and teaching stuff to Kiev, Torun and Kaunas universities and still it has survived. It brought up significant amount of Lithuanian and Polish patriots, to mention only Adam Mickiewicz and Simonas Daukantas.

We are attaching the view of University Courtyard from 100-litas banknote.

Vilnius University
last update: 1 I 2015

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