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1 litas LITHUANIA (2010) Battle of Grunwald

1 litas 2010 Battle of Grunwald - Lithuanian coins
1 litas 2010 Battle of Grunwald - coins of Lithuania
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
22.3 mm 6.25 g 2.2 mm Cu72Ni25
Lithuanian Coat of Arms (Vytis) by Rytas Jonas Belevičius centered in a ring; below year of issue: 2010; along the top edge: LIETUVA (Lithuania); along the bottom edge face value: 1 LITAS
in a ring pikes coming from right and left, among them on top heraldic flags of Lithuania and Poland, on the bottom a heraldic flag of Teutonic Knights on a broken pole; along the top edge: 1410 - 2010; along the bottom edge: ŽALGIRIO MŪŠIS (Battle of Grunwald)
five reeded and five plain sections
issue date:
29 VI 2010
withdrawal date:
15 I 2015
Rytas Jonas Belevičius
Mint mark Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla (The Lithuanian Mint), Vilnius (mintmark at the right edge of the obverse)
2010 1 000 000
interesting facts:
The Battle of Grunwald (Žalgiris in Lithuanian, Tannenberg in German) was one of the largest battles of Medevial Europe. Combined armies of Poland and Lithuania met in a field on July 15th, 1410 with German-speaking army of Teutonic Knights. German forces were completely destroyed and the Grand Master of Teutonic Knights was killed in the battle. This was the beginning of the end for this Order, which in the peak of its power was ruling the Baltic Sea coast from Pommerania up to Estonia.

Painting created by Diebold Schilling in 15th century showing the battle of Grunwald.

Battle of Grunwald by Diebold Schilling
last update: 1 I 2015

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