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2 litai LITHUANIA (2012) Druskininkai Resort

2 litai 2012 Druskininkai - Lithuanian coins
2 litai 2012 Druskininkai - coins of Lithuania
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
25.0 mm 7.5 g 2.2 mm Cu72Ni25 / CuZnNi
in the centre Coat of Arms (Vytis) by Arvydas Každailis, along the top edge: LIETUVA (Lithuania); along the bottom edge face value: 2 LITAI
in the coin centre Coat of Arms of Druskininkai town; along the top edge: DRUSKININKAI; along the bottom edge year of issue 2012
five reeded sections separated by shorter plain sections; in each of reeded sections three middle mills are thicker
issue date:
4 XII 2012
withdrawal date:
15 I 2015
Giedrius Paulauskis
Mint mark Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla (The Lithuanian Mint), Vilnius (mintmark at the right edge of the obverse)
2012 100 000
thematic series:
 Resorts of Lithuania - a series of commemorative Lithuanian 2 litai coins:
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2 LITAI (2012) Druskininkai 2 LITAI (2012) Druskininkai
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2 LITAI (2012) Palanga 2 LITAI (2012) Palanga
interesting facts:
Mineral waters in Druskininkai were known quite early, but only in the 19th century, when the Czar of Russia gave Druskininkai the status of resort, the town became very popular and even fashionable. In addition, the railway Warsaw-Petersburg was constructed near-by the town. Russian managers and later Polish and Soviet were expanding gradually the network of hotels and spas, but the collapse of the Soviet Union stopped the flow of tourists. Today, within Lithuanian borders Druskininkai resort regains its fame and relaxation significance.

Coat of Arms of Druskininkai town.

Coat of Arms of Druskininkai town
licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0
last update: 1 I 2015

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