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5 kroner NORWAY (1991) 175 Years of The Bank of Norway

5 kroner 1991 - 175 Years of The Bank of Norway - Norwegian coins
5 kroner 1991 - 175 Years of The Bank of Norway - Coins of Norway
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
29.5 mm 11.5 g 2.23 mm Cu75Ni25
in the coin centre lion holding an axe from Norwegian Coat of Arms; along the top edge: • KONGERIKET NORGE • (Kingdom of Norway); along the bottom edge face value: 5 KRONER and year of issue: 1991
above the coin centre a silver beer stein; below in four lines: SØLVSKATTEN / GRUNNLAGET FOR / NORGES BANK / 1816 (silver tax - the foundation for Bank of Norway - 1816)
issue date:
14 VI 1991
withdrawal date:
9 VII 1999
Øivind Hansen (concave initial H inside a circle after NORGE on the obverse)
Mint mark of Royal Norwegian Mint Den Kongelige Mynt (The Royal Mint), Kongsberg (mint mark after year of issue on the obverse; inside a circle before face value a concave initial K of Royal Mint chief Ole-Robert Kolberg)
1991 412 000 K + 100 000 in annual sets
interesting facts:
This commemorative Norwegian coin of 5 kroner from 1991 commemorates 175th anniversary of establishing the Bank of Norway. In 1816 a "silver tax" (Sølvskatte) was introduced, which became an economical foundation for the central Bank of Norway. The tax could have been paid either in cash, or in valuable items made from noble metals.

A silver beer mug (stein) from the KODE Art Museum in Bergen.

silver beer stein
photo: Dag Fosse
last update: 31 V 2014

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