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5 kroner NORWAY (1995) 50 Years of The United Nations

5 kroner 1995 - 50 Years of The United Nations - Norwegian coins Edge of 5 kroner 1995 - 50 Years of The United Nations - Norwegian coins
5 kroner 1995 - 50 Years of The United Nations - Coins of Norway
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
29.5 mm 11.5 g 2.23 mm Cu75Ni25
in the coin centre head of Harald V King of Norway facing right; below face value: 5 KR (KRONER); along the top edge: HARALD V • NORGES KONGE (Harald V King of Norway)
on the right side Trygve Lie standing with spread arms en face; on the right in two lines: TRYGVE / LIE and a branch; on the left group of children playing in front of a tree; on the bottom a logo of festivities comemmorating 50 years of the United Nations; along the left and top edge: NASJONER I FORENING FOR FRED • 1945-1995 (association of nations for peace 1945-1995)
plain with concave pattern of six ribbons separated by five mint marks and an initial J of mint's director Jan Erik Johansen
issue date:
???  no data
withdrawal date:
9 VII 1999
Ingrid Austlid Rise (initials IAR behind king's neck on the obverse and next to a branch on the right side of the reverse)
Mint mark of Royal Norwegian Mint Den Kongelige Mynt (The Royal Mint), Kongsberg (five mint marks on the edge; the sixth mark is an initial J of mint's director Jan Erik Johansen)
1995 500 000 J
mint and privy marks:
Until 2006 on Norwegian coinage apart from crossed sledge hammer and chisel - the mint mark of the Norwegian mint, also initials of mint's directors were placed. Let's meet the people standing behind these initials:

B, AB 1961 - 30 VI 1980 Arne Bakken
AB* 1 VII - 31 XII 1980 Ole-Robert Kolberg
K 1981 - 1993 Ole-Robert Kolberg
K* 1994 Jan Erik Johansen
J, JJE 1994 - 2001 Jan Erik Johansen
JJE* 23 VIII - 31 XII 2001 Magne Flagans
MF 2002 - 2006 Magne Flagans
interesting facts:
This Norwegian commemorative coin of 5 kroner from 1995 commemorates the 50th anniversary of founding the United Nations. Norwegian politician Trygve Lie (1896-1968) had a function of the Secretary General of the United Nations from 1946 to 1952.

Trygve Lie
last update: 31 V 2014

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