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5 kroner NORWAY (1996) Polar Ship Fram

5 kroner 1996 Polar Ship Fram - Norwegian coins
5 kroner 1996 Polar Ship Fram - Coins of Norway
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
29.5 mm 11.5 g 2.23 mm Cu75Ni25
in the coin centre head of Harald V King of Norway facing right; along the left and top edge: HARALD V • NORGES KONGE (Harald V King of Norway); along the lower edge face value: • 5 KR • (KRONER) and year of issue: 1996
in the coin centre polar ship Fram in the Arctic ice; below dates: 1893-1896; along the right edge: FRAM OVER POLHAVET (Fram over Arctic Ocean)
plain with concave pattern of six ribbons separated by five mint marks and an initial J of mint's director Jan Erik Johansen
issue date:
20 V 1996
withdrawal date:
9 VII 1999
Ingrid Austlid Rise (initials IAR behind king's neck on the obverse and underneath ice at the right edge of the reverse)
Mint mark of Royal Norwegian Mint Den Kongelige Mynt (The Royal Mint), Kongsberg (five mint marks on the edge; the sixth mark is an initial J of mint's director Jan Erik Johansen)
1996 1 291 909 J + 90 000 in annual sets
mint and privy marks:
Until 2006 on Norwegian coinage apart from crossed sledge hammer and chisel - the mint mark of the Norwegian mint, also initials of mint's directors were placed. Let's meet the people standing behind these initials:

B, AB 1961 - 30 VI 1980 Arne Bakken
AB* 1 VII - 31 XII 1980 Ole-Robert Kolberg
K 1981 - 1993 Ole-Robert Kolberg
K* 1994 Jan Erik Johansen
J, JJE 1994 - 2001 Jan Erik Johansen
JJE* 23 VIII - 31 XII 2001 Magne Flagans
MF 2002 - 2006 Magne Flagans
interesting facts:
This coin was minted 60 years after opening of the Museum of Polar Ship Fram and commemorates the centenary of accomplishing an attempt to reach by this ship the North Pole. Norwegian explorer, scientist and later Peace Nobel Prize winner Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930) was the leader of this expedition.

Polar Ship Fram
photo: Fridtjof Nansen, source: the Norwegian National Library
last update: 31 V 2014

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