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5 kroner NORWAY (1997) 350 Years of The Norwegian Post

5 kroner 1997 - 350 Years of The Norwegian Post - Norwegian coins
5 kroner 1997 - 350 Years of The Norwegian Post - Coins of Norway
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
29.5 mm 11.5 g 2.23 mm Cu75Ni25
in the coin centre lion holding an axe from Norwegian Coat of Arms divides on the bottom face value: 5 / KR (KRONER); on the left vertically upwards: NORGE (Norway)
in the coin centre a figurine of postilion on a horse riding leftwards; along the top edge: POSTEN SKAL FRAM (mail will be delivered); along the bottom edge dates: 1647-1997
issue date:
16 IV 1997
withdrawal date:
9 VII 1999
Ingrid Austlid Rise (initials IAR under the horse on the reverse)
Mint mark of Royal Norwegian Mint Den Kongelige Mynt (The Royal Mint), Kongsberg (mint mark right from the Coat of Arms on the obverse; below it initials JJE of mint's director Jan Erik Johansen)
1997 1 667 073 JJE + 75 000 in annual sets
mint and privy marks:
Until 2006 on Norwegian coinage apart from crossed sledge hammer and chisel - the mint mark of the Norwegian mint, also initials of mint's directors were placed. Let's meet the people standing behind these initials:

B, AB 1961 - 30 VI 1980 Arne Bakken
AB* 1 VII - 31 XII 1980 Ole-Robert Kolberg
K 1981 - 1993 Ole-Robert Kolberg
K* 1994 Jan Erik Johansen
J, JJE 1994 - 2001 Jan Erik Johansen
JJE* 23 VIII - 31 XII 2001 Magne Flagans
MF 2002 - 2006 Magne Flagans
interesting facts:
This Norwegian coin of 5 kroner from 1997 commemorates 350th anniversary of founding the Norwegian Post. On January 17, 1647 the Danish governor of Norway Hannibal Sehested assigned a Dutch Henrik Morian to create postal services and granted him with the exclusive right to profit from this activity.

The postilion figurine carved from ivory by Jørgen Christensen Garnås in ca. 1750. It can be viewed at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Postilion figurine from ca. 1750
last update: 31 V 2014

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