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10 kroner NORWAY (2013) Universal Suffrage

10 kroner 2013 - Universal Suffrage - Norwegian coins
10 kroner 2013 - Universal Suffrage - Coins of Norway
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
24.0 mm 6.8 g 2.0 mm Cu81Zn10Ni9
in the centre head of Harald V King of Norway facing right; below year of issue: 2013 divided by a mint mark; along the top edge: HARALD V • NORGES KONGE (Harald V King of Norway)
in the coin centre obliquely arranged wall pushed from the bottom left by four women; on the right face value: KR 10 (KRONER); along the top right edge with concave letters: STEMMERETTSJUBILEET (universal suffrage anniversary); along the bottom right edge with concave digits dates: 1913-2013
five plain and five reeded sections
issue date:
8 III 2013
withdrawal date:
Ingrid Austlid Rise (initials IAR behind king's neck on the obverse), Siri Dokken (monogram before 1913 on the reverse bottom)
Mint mark of Royal Norwegian Mint Det Norske Myntverket (The Norwegian Mint), Kongsberg (mint mark divides the year of issue on the obverse)
2013 2 024 000 + 25 000 in annual sets
interesting facts:
The Norwegian commemorative coin with face value 10 kroner from 2013 commemorates the centenary of universal suffrage in Norway. On May 17, 1814, Norway received its first constitution based on the American and French, which guaranteed that the country representatives will be selected by popular vote. However, only landlords had the right to vote. It was only in 1898 when Norway extended the right to all adult males. Five years earlier, the British colony of New Zealand gave the right to vote also to women. Norwegian feminists led by Gina Krog began the fight for the same law in Norway. Short before 1913 all parties in parliament had in their electoral programs promise to introduce universal suffrage. Eventually, on June 11, 1913, the parliament equalised suffrage for men and women. Norway was the first independent country to introduce such a law.
last update: 31 V 2014

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