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20 leke ALBANIA (1996-2000)

20 leke 1996-2000 - Albanian coins
20 leke 1996-2000 - Albanian coins
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
22.5 mm 5.0 g 1.85 mm Cu92Al6Ni2
in the centre liburna - a warship of the Liburnians on waves sailing left; below a dolphin; along the top edge: • REPUBLIKA E SHQIPERISE • (Republic of Albania); along the bottom edge in two lines: year of issue / A. LIBURNE
above the coin centre in two lines face value: 20 / LEKE; along the bottom edge wreath of oak branch on the left and laurus branch on the right
issue date:
1 I 1997
withdrawal date:
still in circulation
???  no data
???  no data
1996 ???
2000 ???
interesting facts:
In 2012 the production of 20 leke coins in cheaper steel alloy began, but with the same obverse and reverse depiction.

A warship type liburna was constructed by one of Illyrian tribes - Liburnians, who were living in lands of today's Croatia. Only after conquering this tribe by the Romans, the Romans copied and introduced this successful construction to their fleet and made it common empire-wide.
last update: 20 X 2013

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