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Welcome to the circulation coins catalogue COINZ.eu

the on-line catalogue of European circulation coinage! It is limited to the past several decades, but when we are satisfied with results, we'll expand it as much as it gets. Stay with us!

Why European coins only

Well, our team is pretty much European, there are European coins deep in our drawers, being European sounds fancy nowadays, so Europe is where we begin. Europe meant in terms of cultural borders, not strictly geographical.

Why such a young coinage?

We found year 1945 a perfect moment to start the catalogue. The world received its peace, some nations announced independence, others were denied. Countries changed their names, introduced new currencies. Since the end of World War II over 2500 different coin types have been circulating in European hands. We decided to begin the catalogue by presenting these first.

Why only circulating coins?

We are interested in coins as officially produced metal disks, whose value at the moment of issuing was equal to face value. You will not find here any boxed products pretending to be coins and issued only to improve mints' businesses.

Photos of obverses, reverses and edges!

We try to present photos of at least one coin of each distinguished type. If we are able, we show all changes introduced on coin obverse or reverse that are worth noticing. In addition, you will find here photos of edges! And the most interesting of these are presented in full length!

What is depicted on this coin?

Have you ever wondered what is depicted on coins? Where did designers get their inspiration from? Did they actually do a good job? You will find here many real-life sources of inspirations for coinage motifs.

We are just human.

We gladly welcome all comments, hints, corrections and anything that can improve the catalogue. Feel invited to communication via e-mail and to opened discussion on our FORUM.

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