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1 lek ALBANIA (1947-1957)

1 lek 1947-1957 - Albanian coins
1 lek 1947-1957 - alignment of the coin
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
20.0 mm 3.15 g 1.7 mm Zn975
in the centre Coat of Arms of People's Republic of Albania; along the top edge: SHQIPËRI (Albania); along the bottom edge 11 stars; a ring of pearls at the edge
above the centre face value: 1; below: LEK; along the top edge 15 stars; along the bottom edge year of issue; a ring of pearls at the edge
issue date:
???  no data
withdrawal date:
???  no data
???  no data
Zavod za Izradu Novčanica i Kovanog Novca (Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins), Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1947 ???
1957 ???
interesting facts:
Coins with face value:1 lek were struck on the same planchets as Yugoslavian 1 dinar from 1945. It seems that they were also designed by the same person.

1 dinar 1945 - coins of Yugoslavia
last update: 4 X 2012

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