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capital: Vienna
political system: federal republic
population: 8.5 mil (2014)
area: 83 871 km2
official language: German
Flag of Austria
Coat of Arms of Austria

Austrian territory used to belong to the Celts and later became a province of the Roman Empire. In the location of today's Vienna the Romans founded fort Vindabona. The history of Austrian country begins in 10th century when Babenberg dynasty of Austrian Kings ruled in this area (ca. from AD 976). In 13th century the Habsburg dynasty took over the throne and led Austria to military and political super-power among European countries. Vienna seemed to be the capital of Europe at the time. In 18th century Bonaparte defeated Austrian rule, but just for a short time. Austro-Hungary became a leading power again until 1918. World War I appeared to be the end of Austrian Empire. Pushed towards the Alps the country uses the mountains today as touristic attraction and is famous for its winter sports centres. Austria is a European Union member and introduced Euro currency in 2002.

Map of Austria
last update: 22 V 2014

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