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capital: Berlin
political system: federal republic
population: 80.2 mil (2011)
area: 357 123 km2
official language: German
Flag of Germany
Coat of Arms of Germany

The first organisation of German tribes was led by Louis the German. By the Treaty of Verdun in AD 843 he received from his father the Kingdom of the East Franks, which was later divided between his sons. And this moment is already very typical in German history, which is the history of divided stem duchies rather than of united political bodies. There were several approaches to unify Germany - the Kingdom of Germany, the Holy Roman Empire, under leadership of Prussia and finally the German Empire in 19th century. The beginning of 20th century was a history of German military aggression. Two world wars declared and lost ruined the country and divided it into western and eastern part. The latter fell into hands of the Soviet Union, the former became the engine of economical development in Europe, the founding member of European Union and the creator of common currency. The collapse of communism triggered an exceptional event in the modern world history. On October 3rd, 1990 West and East Germany decided to reunite and two countries became one.

Map of Germany
last update: 22 V 2014

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