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25 øre DENMARK (1966-1972)

25 øre 1966-1972 - coins of Denmark
25 øre 1966-1972 - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy: hole:
23.0 mm 4.5 g 1.5 mm CuNi 5.0 mm
on the left side of the coin the monogram of King Frederick IX of Denmark with the crown of Christian V; below year of issue; along the right edge a branch of beech
above the hole face value: 25, below it: ØRE; on each side of the hole a cereal ear; along the bottom edge: DANMARK (Denmark)
issue date:
???  no data
withdrawal date:
1 X 2008
Harald Salomon
The Royal Mint mint mark Den Kongelige Mønt (The Royal Mint), Copenhagen (mint mark on the bottom of the obverse; before the mint mark the initial of mint's director Christiansen C in years 1966-1971, or Sørensen S in 1972; after the mint mark the initial of chief engraver Salomon S)

Initials of the directors of The Royal Mint of Denmark
1966 < 50 219 634 C♥S mintage together with coins of the older type
1967 < 87 467 798 C♥S mintage together with coins of the older type
1968 38 141 909 C♥S
1969 16 974 353 C♥S
1970 5 392 994 C♥S
1971 12 724 505 C♥S
1972 31 422 002 S♥S
1967 - low digit "7" in year of issue, or tall;

Variety of coins with face value 25 øre from 1967

1969 - hole of designed diameter (5mm), or smaller (4mm)

Variety of coins with face value 25 øre from 1969
mint and privy marks:
Except for the period 2002-2013 on Danish coinage next to the heart - the mint mark of the Royal Mint of Denmark, also initials of mint's directors (usually before the heart) and of main engravers (usually after the heart) were placed. Thus the following combinations are found on the modern coins: N♥S, C♥S, S♥S, S♥B, B♥B, R♥B, NR♥JP, LG♥JP, JS♥HW. Let's meet the people standing behind these initials:

mint directors

chief engravers
N 1927-1955 Niels Peter Nielsen S 1933-1968 Harald Salomon
C 1956-1971 Alfred Frederik Christiansen B 1968-1983 Frode Bahnsen
S 1971-1978 Vagn Sørensen JP 1989-2001 Jan Petersen
B 1978-1981 Peter Bjarnø HW from 2014 Henrik Wiberg
R, NR 1982-1989 Niels Nørregaard Rasmussen
LG 1989-2001 Laust Grove
JS from 2014 Jørgen Strandgaard
interesting facts:
The official monogram of King Frederik IX of Denmark contains the crown of King Christian V. This regal attribute graced the heads of all the Danish kings from 1670 until 1840. Today the crown is held in the former residence of the kings of Denmark - Rosenborg Castle (now a museum). It is used nowadays only during the royal funerals (in castrum doloris).

The crown of King Christian V of Denmark
last update: 23 II 2013

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