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5 kuna CROATIA (1994) Missal from Senj

5 kuna 1994 Missal from Senj - Croatian coins
5 kuna 1994 Missal from Senj - Croatian coins
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
26.5 mm 7.45 g 1.9 mm Cu631Ni232Zn137
in the centre inside a square a concave face value: 5 (kuna); above Croatian Coat of Arms, below Coat of Arms of Senj, on the left vertically: KUNA, on the right vertically: kuna ((kuna in Glagolitic alphabet); along the top edge: ♦ REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA ♦, along the bottom edge: republika hrvatska (Republic of Croatia - in Latin and Glagolitic alphabet)
above the centre an opened missal; inside it with concave digitss: чupg 1494 (date 1494 written in Glagolitic and Arabic digits); below it a shape of Nehaj castle in Senj over waves of the Adriatic Sea; inside a castle in two lines with concave letters: SENJ / sen (Senj in Latin and Glagolitic alphabets); on the right year of issue: '94. (1994); along the edge: ♦ 500. OBLJETNICA TISKANJA SENJSKOG GLAGOLJSKOG MISALA (500th anniversary of publishing the Missal from Senj)
reeded (100 serrations)
issue date:
15 VII 1995
withdrawal date:
still circulating
Damir Mataušić (initials MD on the left side of the castle on the reverse)
Hrvatski Novčarski Zavod (Croatian Monetary Institute), Zagreb
1994 1 000 000
interesting facts:
The Missal from Senj (Missale Romanum Glagolitice) is believed to be the first christian book written in a language other than Latin. It was written in Croatian Church Slavonic and inscribed by Glagolitic alphabet developed by St. Cyril (part of the signs became the basis for cyrylic alphabet). An improved version of the alphabet was used by Croats until the end of 19th century. The text of the missal was accomplished on February 22, 1483 and it was printed for the first time in 1494 on 220 pages in black and red ink. This coin commemorated the 500th anniversary of the fact of printing the missal.

Missal from Senj printed in 1494.

Missal from Senj
photo: Ivan Košić

The Nehaj Castle with z characteristic three towers over the Senj town and the Coat of Arms of the town.

Missal from Senj
photo: K. Korlević; licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0
last update: 21 X 2012

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