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capital: Vilnius
political system: republic
population: 3.5 mil (2009)
area: 65 300 km2
official language: Lithuanian
Flag of Lithuania
Coat of Arms of Lithuania

The name Lithuania (Lietuva) appeared in written sources for the first time in 1009. It is the time when the beginning of expansion of Lithuanian tribes towards neighbouring lands started and the country system development began. The peak achievements were the Vatican permission to crown Mindaugas as King of Lithuania in 1253 and the resulting state baptisation leading to unification of Lithuania and Poland into one country (year 1569). The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Abieju Tautu Respublika) for almost 200 years was one of the larges and most populated European countries. In 1795 it was divided and annexed by neighbours and only in 1918 Lithuania regained independence, which lasted however only 21 years. After 50 following years of Soviet Union occupation, Lithuanians fought their freedom in 1991 and immediately in 21st century Lithuania joins European Union and Euro zone.

Map of Lithuania
last update: 6 I 2015

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