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10 złotych POLAND (1972) Gdynia Seaport

10 złotych 1972 Gdynia Seaport - Polish coins (PRL)
10 złotych 1972 Gdynia Seaport - Coins of Poland
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
28.0 mm 9.5 g 2.15 mm CuNi
eagle - Coat of Arms within contour of Polish map, along the top contour: POLSKA RZECZPOSPOLITA LUDOWA (People's Republic of Poland), along the bottom contour year of issue: 1972; in the bottom left part face value: 10 ZŁ (ZŁOTYCH)
in the bottom part contour of Polish coastline, on top Coat of Arms of Gdynia, lower in frou lines: 50 / LAT / PORTU / W GDYNI (50 years of Gdynia Seaport)
issue date:
30 IV 1973
withdrawal date:
1 I 1978
Wacław Kowalik (initials WK at the bottom edge of both obverse and reverse)
Mint Mark Mennica Państwowa (The State Mint), Warsaw (mint mark on the obverse under eagle's left foot)
1972 2 000 000
interesting facts:
After the World War I, based on Treaty of Versailles in 1919 Poland got territorial access to Baltic Sea. It was about 70-kilometre long coastline without any seaport. On 23rd September 1922 Polish Parliament approved the construction of the seaport located in fishery village named Gdynia. Today Gdynia with its 250,000 inhabitants is 12th largest Polish town.

Satellite image of a piece of Polish Baltic Sea coastline. Gdynia's Coat of Arms in the top right corner.

Satellite image of a piece of Polish Baltic Sea coastline

Gdynia Seaport in 1964.

Gdynia Seaport
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