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10 000 złotych POLAND (1987) John Paul II

10000 złotych 1987 John Paul II - Polish coins (PRL)
10000 złotych 1987 John Paul II - Coins of Poland
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
35.0 mm 19.3 g 2.4 mm Ag750
eagle - Coat of Arms divides the year of issue: 1987; along the top edge: • POLSKA • RZECZPOSPOLITA • LUDOWA • (People's Republic of Poland); along the bottom edge face value: ZŁ 10000 ZŁ (ZŁOTYCH)
Pope in chasuble and mitre blessing towards left; along the left edge: JAN PAWEŁ II
issue date:
28 V 1987
withdrawal date:
1 I 1995
Stanisława Wątróbska-Frindt (monogram on the reverse below Pope's right arm)
Mint Mark Mennica Państwowa (The State Mint), Warsaw (mint mark on the obverse under eagle's left foot)
1987 908 820
interesting facts:
This coin marks Pope's third pilgrimage to Poland. John Paul II spent at this time a week between June 8th and 14th, 1987.

Polish Karol Józef Wojtyła (1920-2005) was chosen the Pope of Roman-catholic church on October 16, 1978. He picked the name John Paul II and became the first non-Italian Pope since 455 years.

John Paul II
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