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capital: Warsaw
political system: republic
population: 38.1 mil (2009)
area: 312 679 km2
official language: Polish
Flag of Poland
Coat of Arms of Poland

The first ruler of Poland recorded in written sources was duke Mieszko I, who was baptised in 966. This year is commonly accepted as the beginning of Poland. Mieszko I however, belonged to much older Piast dynasty, who was ruling the area between Odra and Vistula rivers. The history of Poland describes a constant struggle between Germanic and Slavic powers, political ups and downs, European dominance in 15th century and erasing Poland from the map in 19th century. Poland history tells about multi-cultural politics, tolerance to variety of nationalities and religions, but also about a fight for survival of Polish own culture and language, battles fought all around the world in major wars, the first falling domino pieces destroying communism and Soviet Union, Solidarity, Lech Walesa and the pope John Paul II. Poland reached 21st century as an independent state, member of NATO and European Union.

Map of Poland
last update: 25 I 2013

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