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20 escudos PORTUGAL (1954 [1953]) Financial Reform)

20 escudos 1954 [1953] Financial Reform - Coins of Portugal
20 escudos 1954 [1953] Financial Reform - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
34.0 mm 21.0 g 2.7 mm Ag 835
in the centre shield over armillary sphere - Portuguese Coat of Arms divides the face value: 20 / ESC. (ESCUDOS); along the top edge: * REPUBLICA * PORTUGUESA * (Republic of Portugal); along the botttom edge year: 1953
a woman in toga with bookkeeping records in her hands seating left - personification of economics; along the top edge: * RENOVACAO * FINANCEIRA * (financial reform); along the bottom edge: RESSURGIMENTO (revival)
issue date:
2 I 1954
withdrawal date:
???  no data
João da Silva (signature JOÃO DA SILVA under woman's seat on the reverse)
Casa da Moeda (The Mint), Lisbon
1954 1 000 000
interesting facts:
In 1928 Antonio Salazar became a Minister of Finances in economically unstable Portugal. His financial reforms resulted in decrease of public expenses, decrease of unemployment rates and overall economy boost in the republic. This gave him fame and a position of the Prime Minister. This coin commemorates 25th anniversary of introduction of Salazar's reforms.

Armillary sphere is an astronomical instrument used for calculating a position of astronomical objects and thus supporting sailing. The shape of armillary sphere is composed into Portuguese Coat of Arms and flag.

Armillary sphere
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