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20 escudos PORTUGAL (1966) Bridge of Salazar

20 escudos 1966 Bridge of Salazar - Coins of Portugal
20 escudos 1966 Bridge of Salazar - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
30.0 mm 10.0 g 1.8 mm Ag 650
in the centre Portuguese Coat of Arms with Fleur-de-lis on top; below in two lines face value: 20 / ESCUDOS; in the background a sixteen-pointed star; at the edge a ring of rectangles
Bridge of Salazar - view to the South; below year of issue: 1966; on the left side: LISBOA, on the right side in two lines: PONTE / SALAZAR (Bridge of Salazar); along the top edge: REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA (Republic of Portugal); at the edge a ring of rectangles
issue date:
23 VII 1966
withdrawal date:
???  no data
Jaime Martins Barata (signature MARTINS BARATA DEL. along the reverse's edge before 1966), Marcelino Norte de Almeida (signature M. NORTE SCULP. - SCULPTOR - along the reverse's edge after 1966)
Casa da Moeda (The Mint), Lisbon
1966 2 000 000
interesting facts:
The Bridge of April 25th (named Bridge of Salazar until 1974) - is a 2.2-km long bridge hanging over Tag River thus connecting the capital of Portugal Lisbon with the South of the country. The project was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The grand opening of the bridge took place on August 6, 1966.

Bridge of Salazar
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