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25 escudos PORTUGAL (1986 [1985]) Council in Coimbra

25 escudos 1986 [1985] Council in Coimbra - Coins of Portugal
25 escudos 1986 [1985] Council in Coimbra - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
28.5 mm 11.0 g 2.25 mm Cu75Ni25
in the centre shield over armillary sphere - Portuguese Coat of Arms; above face value: 25 $ 00 (ESCUDOS); along the bottom edge: REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA (Republic of Portugal)
in the centre Portuguese king on the throne en face; on the left Portuguese Coat of Arms; on the right king's monogram; along the top edge: 1385 D. JOÃO I 1985 (1385 / DOM - king John I / 1985); along the bottom edge: CORTES Ð COIMBRA (Council in Coimba)
issue date:
11 III 1986
withdrawal date:
1 VII 1989
Clara Menéres (signature C.MENÉRES before COIMBRA on the reverse)
Mint mark of the Portuguese Mint Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (National Press - The Mint), Lisbon (mint mark after CORTESÐ on the reverse)
1986 500 000
interesting facts:
In 1385, after two years of political anarchy a national gathering (cortes) in Coimbra elected John I King of Portugal. Having learnt about this fact, Castile has sent their army to Lisbon to place their candidate on Portuguese throne. This army was defeated in all major battles (including battle of Aljubarrota), which forced Castile officially drop their claims to Portuguese throne. In this way Portugal became finally independent from their stronger neighbour.
last update: 10 VI 2014

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