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100 escudos PORTUGAL (1999) UNICEF

100 escudos 1999 UNICEF - Coins of Portugal
100 escudos 1999 UNICEF - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
25.0 mm 8.3 g 2.3 mm Cu75Ni25 / Cu79Zn20Ni1
in the centre Portuguese Coat of Arms; along the Coat of Arms: REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA (Republic of Portugal) and year of issue: 1999; along the top edge of coin's core face value: 100, along the bottom edge of the core: ESCUDOS; coin's ring empty
in the centre emblem of UNICEF; along the top edge of coin's core: UNICEF; along the bottom edge of the core: PARA AS CRIANÇAS DO MUNDO (for children of the world); coin's ring empty
five sections plain and five reeded
issue date:
10 VIII 1999
withdrawal date:
28 II 2002
José Cândido, Fernando Conduto (signature F.CONDUTO over DO MUNDO on the reverse)
Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (National Press - The Mint), Lisbon (mint mark INCM over CRIANÇAS on the reverse)
1999 316 639 + 3 361 in annual sets
Exactly half of the mintage of this coin type was struck with spelling error in word PORTUGUESA. The letter 'E' is missing to read PORTUGUSA.

Variety of 100 escudos from 1999
interesting facts:
UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) - part of the United Nations organisation protecting children's rights.

Flag with UNICEF emblem.

last update: 10 VI 2014

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