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200 escudos PORTUGAL (1994) Lisbon - European Capital of Culture

200 escudos 1994 Lisbon - European Capital of Culture - Coins of Portugal
200 escudos 1994 Lisbon - European Capital of Culture - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
28.0 mm 9.8 g 2.1 mm Cu79Zn20Ni1 / Cu75Ni25
above the centre a shield over an armillary sphere - Portuguese Coat of Arms; below in two lines face value: 200 / ESCUDOS; along the top edge: REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA (Republic of Portugal); along the bottom edge year of issue: 1994
in the centre the Belém Tower; below it waves; above in two lines: LISBOA / 94; w górnym otoku: CAPITAL EUROPEIA DA CULTURA (European Capital of Culture)
seven sections plain and seven reeded
issue date:
19 V 1994
withdrawal date:
28 II 2002
José Cândido (signature J.CANDIDO after 1994 on the obverse), Isabel Carriço and Fernando Branco (signatures ISABEL C. - F.BRANCO at lower edge of the reverse)
Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (National Press - The Mint), Lisbon (mint mark INCM below CULTURA on the reverse)
1994 980 000 + 20 000 in annual sets
interesting facts:
Since 1985 European Union Council designates a town to be called European Capital of Culture for a period of a calendar year. In 1994 it was Portuguese Lisboa holding this prestigious title. European Union assigns for the chosen towns special funds, which can be spent for advertising cultural achievements of the city, the region or the country. The money helps to extend the offer of international meetings, concerts or festivals therefore boosting fame of the chosen towns.

Torre de Belém - the most famous tower in Lisboa.

Torre de Belém
photo: Zero; licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0
last update: 10 VI 2014

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