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200 escudos PORTUGAL (1998) Expo'98 Lisbon

200 escudos 1998 Expo'98 Lisbon - Coins of Portugal
200 escudos 1998 Expo'98 Lisbon - obverse to reverse alignment
diameter: weight: thickness: alloy:
28.0 mm 9.8 g 2.1 mm Cu79Zn20Ni1 / Cu75Ni25
above the centre Portuguese Coat of Arms surrounded by wreath of fish; below in two lines hand-written face value: 200 / ESCUDOS; above the Coat of arms hand-written year of issue: 1998; along the bottom edge of coin's core hand-written: REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA (Republic of Portugal); along the bottom edge a wreath of fish
in the centre in two lines hand-written: EXPO / 98, lower a fish; above logo of the Lisbon fair; along the bottom edge a wreath of an octopus and 36 fish
seven sections plain and seven reeded
issue date:
30 V 1998
withdrawal date:
28 II 2002
João Pires Cutileiro (monogram JC at bottommost fish in the wreath on the obverse; after the monogram DES. 7S GRAV. - ???)
Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (National Press - The Mint), Lisbon (mint mark INCM at the octopus on the reverse)
1998 1 983 500 + 16 500 in annual sets
interesting facts:
World Exposition Expo'98 took place in Portuguese capital Lisboa. The theme of the fair was "The Oceans - a Heritage for the future".

Expo'98 emblem.

Expo'98 emblem
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