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SAARA (1947-1959) - Saar franc (French) [FRG]

1 franc / frank = 100 centimes

Shortly after World War II, Saar was part of the French occupation zone and German marks [DER] functioned in circulation. After the official separation of Saar from Germany on June 16, 1947, the French government issued a Saar mark [SAM] pegged to the French franc [FRG] in a ratio of 1 SAM = 20 FRG. It was a typical transitional paper money, which was intended to remove from circulation German marks and to introduce the monetary union with France. Five months later, on November 20 the French franc [FRG] was introduced in Saar and in the next two months all Saar marks [SAM] were replaced with French banknotes and coins. Most likely, people did not identify themselves with the new currency, so the French government decided to issue additional coins with the Saar Coat of Arms in obverses and German inscriptions in reverses. They were equal in size and alloy with corresponding coins of French franc [FRG]. These coins were issued in 1954-55 and functioned at par with the French franc, however, were not accepted in France. Shortly later, on January 1, 1957, Saar became part of the Federal Republic of Germany. On July 6, 1959 the economical union was conducted and franc was replaced by the German mark [DEM] in ratio 117.55 FRG for one mark DEM.

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