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capital: Sarajevo
political system: federal republic
population: 3.9 mil (2014)
area: 51 129 km2
official language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coat of Arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina became independent from neighbours (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Byzantium) firstly in 12th century and after two hundred years of rule under local warlords the last one, Stephen Tvrtko announced himself King of Bosnia. In 1463 Bosnia fell under long-lasting control of Ottoman Empire, which brought islam to this area. In 19th century Bosnia and Herzegovina was took over by Austro-Hungary and after WWII by Yugoslavia being however able to keep the area always united as a separate administration unit. A cruel struggle for lands between three main ethnic groups of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian followed a declaration of independence in 1992. The Bosnian War ended by the Dayton Agreement in 1995 and now, Bosnia and Herzegovina as a federation requests membership in NATO and European structures.

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina
last update: 14 XI 2014

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