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capital (unofficial): Brussels
political system: union sui generis
population: 447.7 mil (2020)
area: 4 233 262 km2
official language: 24 European languages
Flag of European Union
Coat of Arms of European Union

European Union is a unique creation in world history. For centuries single nations were trying to dominate Europe, but these actions always finished by a failure. Because when the military leaders, kings or rulers believed that the last step to success is near, there was always some Cannae, Vienna, Waterloo, Moscow or Normandy. Many people united today under the blue flag with golden stars still remember ruthless wars between today's EU members. The union seemed to be impossible. Today Polish with German co-write the law, British with Irish prepare regulations and Spanish with Portuguese pay in the same currency to Finnish or even Slovak, whose country was recently a Moscow puppet state. Half a billion of citizens, 28 countries, tens of nations and languages and all this affected by a complicated history. How much energy and will they needed to join their countries into one organism called European Union! Among 27 countries of the EU 19 use a common currency (as well as 5 non-EU microstates) - all together ca. 340 millions of Europeans.

Map of European Union
last update: 31 I 2020

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