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capital: Prague
political system: republic (from 1990 - federal)
population: 15.6 mil (1991)
area: 127 900 km2
official language: Czech, Slovak
Flag of Czechoslovakia
Coat of Arms of Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia was established shortly after World War I from parts of the territories of Austria-Hungary and Germany. On one hand, the Czechs wanted to revive the Slavic state, on the other Slovaks tried to free themselves from Hungarian domination. Both of these movements underlie the creation of the Czechoslovak country. During World War II Germany divided the country into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and Slovakia, but after the war the Soviet Union forced a re-unite of the Czechs and Slovaks. In 1960 Czechoslovakia officially became a socialistic state and in 1990 it evolved into an independent federal republic, which lasted for two years. The country split peacefully into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on January 1, 1993. From the beginning to the end of Czechoslovakia history its currency was the Czechoslovak koruna, which was subdivided into 100 haleru.

Map of Czechoslovakia
last update: 28 X 2012

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