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CYPRUS (1960-1983) - Cypriot pound [CYP]

1 pound = 1000 mils

On August 16, 1960, Cyprus ceased to be a British crown colony and became an independent national entity. Three years later the Central Bank of Cyprus was established, whose task was to introduce an independent currency of Cyprus. For the convenience a new Cypriot pound [CYP] had the same value as the Cyprus pound [CYP] from colonial times. Also, the subdivision of the pound into 1000 mils remained unchanged. Therefore, the old coins and banknotes with Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse were in circulation until the currency reform in 1983. On some coins of the independent Cyprus pound [CYP] occurs in addition to Greek ΚΥΠΡΟΣ and Turkish KIBRIS also the English name of the country CYPRUS, even though the official languages of the islands are only Greek and Turkish.

last update: 26 X 2012

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