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FINLAND (1945-1963) - Finnish markka [FIN]

1 markka = 100 penniä

After declaring independence in 1917, the Finnish markka [FIN] was based on the gold standard, but as a result of world wars and facing deep inflation, the bound with gold was dropped in 1940. Shortly after the war, Finish markka was repeatedly devalued until in the fifties it was worth only a 100th part of the markka before the war. In 1951, the markka was once again tied to the value of gold, and thus the American dollar [USD] in the Bretton Woods system, which was abandoned in 1959. The markka was convertible into American dollars [USD] in ratio 320 FIN for 1 USD until the monetary reform of 1963.

Please, note that at the moment we are presenting only these types of circulation coins of Finland, which were struck after 1944.

last update: 12 VIII 2013

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